Our eye doctor, Ashley Alden OD, is board certified by the State of Wyoming and the National Board of Examiners in Optometry to medically treat a variety of eye conditions including eye infections, inflammations, foreign bodies, and glaucoma.  Dr. Alden regularly attends state and national conferences so she can share the latest medical eye care developments and treatments with you.

Our most common cases are conjunctivitis (pink eye), foreign body removal, dry eyes, ocular allergies, cataracts, vitreous detachments, hordeola (styes), and contact lens related inflammation and bacterial infections.  Less common cases include retinal detachments, herpes simplex infections of the eye, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and tumors/cancer of the eyes or eyelids.

Comprehensive eye exams are recommended every year for every age group.  You should be seen more frequently if you have uncontrolled diabetes or hypertension, are on certain heart medicines or steroids, or are being treated for a chronic eye condition such as glaucoma. Certain conditions require very careful monitoring, and you should call our office if you have any questions regarding sudden changes in your vision.

If you have major medical insurance, we may be able to file a claim for a visit related to medical eye care.  We accept Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming, and many others.  (Please note that you are still responsible for copays and deductibles not covered by your insurance.)

For more information about a particular eye disease, simply click on the name of the eye condition listed to the right.

If you have an urgent eye problem, please stop by our office during our regular hours and we will make every effort to work you in.  For less urgent concerns, call our Casper office at (307) 472-2020 to schedule an appointment.