Contact lenses are not “one-size-fits-all.”  Each contact lens fit requires careful evaluation of the patient’s prescription, age, corneal curvature, hobbies/lifestyle, and any underlying ocular conditions, such as dry eye or allergies.

If you already wear contact lenses but they feel dry and uncomfortable, we’ll make sure you’re in the best contact lenses for dry eyes and discuss solutions for contact lens-related dry eye.

Contact lenses are always being updated, modified, and improved, so if you’ve been wearing the same brand of contact lens for the last few years, Dr. Alden will give you a free pair of newer, healthier contact lenses to try.

Our optometrist looks for three main goals in every contact lens fit:

1.  Do the contact lenses give 20/20 vision or better?

2.  Are the contact lenses comfortable to wear all day long?

3.  Are the lenses moving and rotating appropriately?

If you’ve never worn contact lenses before, our friendly technicians will instruct you carefully on everything there is to know about your new contact lenses.  Then, we’ll make sure you can successfully insert and remove the contact lenses by yourself before taking the lenses home.  We’ll have you return in one week for our optometrist to evaluate the lens one more time before prescribing it.

If you’re having any problems after the first follow-up visit, we’ll re-evaluate your fit to make necessary adjustments and try different lenses.  All follow-up visits are included in the initial fitting fees, so there’s no surprise costs.  Ask about Frontier Eye Care’s Guaranteed Contact Lens Success Program!  If you’re not completely successful with your contact lenses within 3 months, we’ll refund the cost of your lenses.

Dr. Alden will also recommend the appropriate multipurpose solution to clean and disinfect your contact lenses (except, of course, for “Daily Disposable” lenses, which are thrown away each and every day.)

At Frontier Eye Care, we are dedicated to you having a completely healthy and enjoyable contact lens experience!  If you would like to discuss the use of contact lenses, schedule an examination or consultation by calling our Casper office at (307) 472-2020.

“But I Can’t Touch My Eye!”

Keep in mind that if you aren’t comfortable touching the white of your eye, it’s going to be a long process.  Here’s a trick you can practice at home to overcome your fear of contacts prior to your contact lens fitting:

Place some distilled water or saline solution in a small bowl.  Wash your hands, then get a drop of water on your finger tip by dipping your index finger into the water.  Looking up, pull down your lower lid with your middle finger, and practice touching the drop of water onto the white of your eye.  (It may help to reach over your forehead with your other hand to hold your lid open.)  If you can get the water drop onto your eye without shutting it, you’re ready for contacts!