At Frontier Eye Care, we don’t like to brag. Fortunately for us, our patients tend to be a little more vocal. Here’s a collection of what our patients have been saying on our website, on our Facebook page, elsewhere on the web, and even in “Thank You” cards! If you have something to add (or have a suggestion of how we can be even more awesome), review us on Google!


“The staff is always friendly and helpful.”

– Laurie via Demandforce – April 20, 2020


“They are fantastic! The ladies at the front are so sweet! They have been so helpful getting my 4 year olds glasses fitted and to him, even during covid-19.”

– Tina via Demandforce – April 16, 2020


“Always perfect. Great eye care and great personel.”

– Dorothy via Demandforce – April 14, 2020


“Great service and friendly staff!”

– Donna via Demandforce – April 3, 2020


“Dr Hodgson was kind and thoughtful. He made me feel comfortable and reassured.”

– LaRee via Demandforce – March 23, 2020


“I’ve been a patient at Frontier Eye Care for 10 years. I get a thorough mechanical exam including a look at the macular. The doctor explains everything.”

– Laurel via Demandforce – March 19, 2020


“Every person that I talked to was super helpful and very pleasant. They were very knowledgeable about glasses and eye Care.”

– Paula via Demandforce – March 17, 2020


“I was having some issues with my eyes and they quickly got me in. I just love the people who work here. They go the extra mile.”

– Shelly via Google – March 14, 2020


“Frontier Eye Care has always treated us with kindness even when arguing with insurance companies. The environment is state of the art, modern and peaceful. The staff and doctor are kind, funny and engaged at all times. Really can’t say enough!”

– Miranda via Demandforce – March 13, 2020


“Everyone at Frontier are always very professional and nice.”

– Anonymous via Demandforce – March 9, 2020


“I always enjoy my office visits at Frontier. Catching up with old friends is great.”

– Julie via Demandforce – March 2, 2020


“Wonderful experience every time I go to Frontier Eye Care. Whether it’s being treated by Dr. Hodgson or getting fit for glasses by the people up front.”

– Anonymous via Demandforce – February 26, 2020


“I was having some issues with my eyes and they quickly got me in. I just love the people who work here. They go the extra mile.”

– Shelly via Google – February 20, 2020


“Our whole family loves going to Frontier Eye Care! Dr.Hodgson and his staff are fantastic!”

– Zoey via Demandforce – February 7, 2020


“These guys did amazing! We dont live in Casper and they did everything they could to accommodate me even in the middle of a snow storm!”

– Tiffany via Demandforce – February 5, 2020


“Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable! Great place to go!!! Highly recommend!!”

– Lisa via Demandforce – January 21, 2020


“Dr. Hodgson and his staff do an awesome job at making you feel welcome and comfortable. The process is always stress free and encouraging.”

– Joshua via Demandforce – January 18, 2020


“Quick, professional, and fast care.”

– Mark via Demandforce – January 15, 2020


“I was concerned with a few issues I had going on with my eyes. I was put at ease by the Dr. Hodgson. He explained that my eyes were healthy and was very thorough with his examination.”

– Chris via Demandforce – January 6, 2020


“Frontier is so professional and great at customer service. They really care for their patients.”

– Breanne via Demandforce – December 13, 2019


“I always have an excellent experience at Frontier Eye Care. I know that I will get the best care and experience nice and great people. I have been getting my eyes checked every year for over thirty years and by far Dr. Hodgson is the best optometrist I have ever been to. He is thorough and very informative as well as very nice.”

– Alicia via Demandforce – December 9, 2019


“The staff went above and beyond! I am so thankful and appreciative for them. They are always caring, compassionate and thorough.”

– Javon via Demandforce – December 6, 2019


“Doug is an excellent eye doctor. He is very knowledgeable and personable, his staff provides great customer service, and their choices for glasses and contacts are great and reasonably priced. I highly recommend Frontier Eye Care.”

– Emily via Google – November 20, 2019


“Friendly staff and the Eye Dr. was really patient with me. Very pleased.”

– Ron via Demandforce – November 3, 2019


“It is always a pleasant time when I go to the office everyone there is very pleasant. This was an unscheduled appointment, but they got me in to see the doctor quickly. Thanks to all.”

– Gayle via Demandforce – September 19, 2019


“Great friendly staff. Theresa and MacKenzie were very personable. Dr. Hodgson took the time to explain images and how parts of the eye function. Very quick appointment as the whole process is streamlined and flows well. The office is very clean and welcoming. It was a very pleasant experience.

– Kendra via Demandforce – August 6, 2019


I appreciate the service I received at frontier eye care. It has been 7 years since I had an eye exam and I was not reprimanded for that. I will continue to travel across the country and come back to see Dr. Hodgson he has top of the line equipment and staff. Thank you, Dr. Hodgson, for answering all my questions… Oh, it has been 7 years since seeing him or anyone and it was due. He remembered my eyes and explained what was happening. It is always good to hear my eyes are healthy.”

– Dona via Demandforce – June 20, 2019


“They are always so professional and friendly!”

– Cheri via Demandforce – May 18, 2019


“We know more about our eyes than ever before.”

– Anonymous via Demandforce – April 12, 2019


“Very thorough examination to protect me and make feel safe. Very nice personal for a great experience.”

– Robert via Demandforce – April 12, 2019


“The doctor was very thorough and explained things well. He answered any and all questions I had. He is very professional.”

– Anonymous via Demandforce – April 10, 2019


“Very nice facility. Caring personnel.”

– Mark via Demandforce – April 9, 2019


“Great experience and Dr. Hodgson is great at explaining everything!”

– Traci via Demandforce – March 30, 2019


“Dr. Hodgson and his staff are always friendly and professional!! I would not trust anyone else with my eyes!!”

– Jessica via Demandforce – March 28, 2019


“Love the staff, selection, and knowledge! I have been to many eye doctors over the years and this place is the best. Have a question, they’ll answer it! I definitely recommend them.”

– Jamie via Google – March 27, 2019


“Always looking out for patients best interest. On time with appointments are a must when you have a busy schedule.”

– Kerri via Demandforce – March 12, 2019


“Everyone at Frontier Eye Care is friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. Very pleasant experience.”

– Joanne via Demandforce – March 9, 2019


“Staff was very helpful, and Dr. Hodgson always provides a comfortable and informative exam. Holly was exceptional in helping with eyewear.”

– William via Demandforce – January 11, 2019


“Awesome customer service and great selection of eyeglasses!! Everyone is always helpful. Very clean office!!”

– Donna via Google – January 8, 2019


“Everyone at Frontier Eye Care is consistently fantastic!”

– Rose via Demanforce –December 20, 2018


“Love all the staff. Their knowledge and kindness make Frontier Eye Care a fabulous place and experience.”

– Stacie via Demandforce –December 14, 2018


“I have been told for 30 + years that I had something going on with my corneas but no one ever knew what it was. I would go in to get new glasses & because of my corneas the glasses would never be right & it affected my vision. The last doctor told me at my age I just had to get use to it cause this is the best I would ever see. I decided that was bad & decided to get a second opinion. When I walked into Frontier Eye Care I thought I was going to a Doctor my sis recommended but it wasn’t correct. I decided to let him examine my eyes. He diagnosed me with Salzmans Degenerative & sent me to Cheyenne to see a cornea specialist. It’s a build up of scar tissue in the corneas that distorts your vision. I had my right cornea scraped & went in yesterday to Cheyenne for the 1 month follow up & when she checked my eyes for the first time in all those years I saw amazing. Thank God for Dr. Hodgson. He gave me a new lease on life.”

– Denise via Facebook – December 13, 2018


“I have had such positive experiences every time I go to Frontier Eye Care! They provided the most thorough eye exam I’ve ever received. Dr. Hodgson also helped me when I was having some eye infections and is the first Doctor that has helped me to stop getting them regularly. All of the staff are genuinely kind and knowledgeable and will eagerly help you with anything that you are needing as well as walking you through any questions/concerns that you might have. I have recommended Frontier Eye Care to so many and will continue to do so!”

– Jordyn via Facebook – November 14, 2018


I just want to say that I absolutely love my new glasses from Frontier Eye Care. They are amazing and they are sooo nice! 100% recommend if you are looking for an eye appointment!!

– Jacob via Facebook – November 4, 2018


“Always great service by everyone.”

– Shelley via Demandforce – November 2, 2018


“As always I was treated with prompt and friendly service by all the staff. And when I leave my appointment with Dr. Hodgson, I feel assured that my eye health has been maximized and my vision has been corrected perfectly. Thank you!!”

– Deb via Google – September 26, 2018


“Everyone was very nice. Dr. Hodgson greeted me and shook my hand before my appointment then at and after my appointment thanked me.”

– Brian via Google – August 6, 2018


“Dr. Hodgson is extremely nice, and so is the staff. He always greets patients with a smile and will explain everything very thoroughly and will answer questions in the most helpful way possible. He is also really friendly and fun with kids. Everyone seems to know exactly what they are doing and are always very kind. Frontier Eye Care is very welcoming and clean, and they even have snacks and drinks. Who doesn’t love free food?”

– Anonymous via RateMDs – August 29, 2018


“Excellent care from friendly knowledgeable staff.”

– Keith via Facebook – August 3, 2018


“Always does a great job with the checkup, especially since my daughter has Type 1. Would recommend Dr. Hodgson to anyone.”

– Maecie via Demandforce – July 20, 2018


“My son a couple weeks ago poked me in the eye and had damaged my cornea. They got me in that day, took great care of me. They had me come in two more times to make sure everything was healing well. So thankful for the knowledge, friendliness and thorough care.”

– Timi via “Casper Business Rants & Raves” on Facebook – June 13, 2018


“Dr. Hodgson is the kindest, most patient, and caring Dr. of any kind I have ever encountered. His staff is equally as friendly and great. When I had LASIK he took the time to articulate the procedure and put my mind at ease — which was far better than the LASIK center staff in Colorado. I could not more highly recommend this place.”

– Kyle via Google – June 3, 2018


“They were incredibly nice and helpful. They are very welcoming when you first walk in and when you leave. If you have any problems or questions just give them a call and they will do their best to help you. Plus they have a pretty nice selection of glasses if your’re in the market.”

– Brody via Google – April 20, 2018


“Absolutely a wonderful experience! Staff was EXTREMELY nice and helpful! The doctor took his time and explained everything he was doing or about your eyes in general. I’d recommend this place for sure!”

– Whitney via Facebook – February 28, 2018


“Wonderful visit as usual. My husband and I went for our yearly check and the experience was delightful. Dr. Hodgson always spends time explaining and catching up with the patient. In this day and age, that is rare.”

– Marlene via Demandforce – February 6, 2018


“Dr. Hodgson is very personable and the office staff is friendly. I’ve been going for 6 years now and will not go anywhere else. He is wonderful with my children as well.”

– Joshua via Demandforce – January 17, 2018


“Frontier Eye Care is fantastic!! Love them and their service!”

– Francesca via “Casper Business Rants & Raves” on Facebook – December 15, 2017


“Best customer service, and very fast on getting your glasses or contacts in. Best company in Casper hands down.”

– Doss via Facebook – August 17, 2017


“Dr. Hodgson is always very thorough during exams, and never makes me feel silly or like I’m wasting his time when I ask about family history, things to watch for, and extra precautions needed. He has never rushed any of my family members and makes us feel like we are indeed very important. His staff out front is always efficient and friendly when dealing with billing, appointments, and orders. Thanks!”

– Becci via Google – July 7, 2017


“Frontier Eye Care is fabulous. Dr. Hodgson is great….very thorough and comprehensive eye exam.”

– Vicki via “Casper Business Rants & Raves” on Facebook – February 27, 2017


“New patient. He took special care, explained things very well and moved me along. His staff is very friendly. They worked with me to see the doctor and called to tell me an earlier appointment was available. Highly recommend.”

– Jeff via Google – August 5, 2016


“This is the best pair of glasses I have ever had. I have never seen better. I love them! Thank you!”

– Tom via Thank-You Card – August 2, 2016


“Visiting a friend from out of state, and was having a problem with my right eye. The Dr. and his staff were so kind to fit me in and were very friendly and professional. I could not recommend them more highly! Thank you!

– Stacy via Google – July 28, 2016


“Five Stars!”

– Jessica via Google – July 22, 2016


“The entire staff is always professional and extremely friendly. I’ve been a patient for years and will continue to be, along with my family.

– Stacey via Google – July 19, 2016


“I have been a patient of Dr. Hodgson for many years and he always does a thorough job. I have a health issue and he keeps right on top of it. He is also the one that diagnosed my son with an eye disease and has helped him tremendously. Very good staff as well. I would recommend Frontier Eye Care for anyone that wants good service and can be trusted.”

– Cathy via Google – June 18, 2016


“Everyone was so helpful and very professional.”

– Crissy via Google – May 29, 2016


“Great Service! Great People! Dr. Hodgson is a great doctor, thorough and willing to explain the details of the exam and findings.”

– Lisa via Google – May 14, 2016


“I have been a patient of Dr. Hodgson for many years and he has always been very thorough with my examinations, and when he discovered I was in the beginning stages of glaucoma, he referred me to a Dr. in Cheyenne. The specialist in Cheyenne was very impressed with the information he sent to her, and she was also impressed with the equipment he has to use for an in-depth exam.”

– Sue via Google – April 2, 2016


“I don’t think I have ever had such a thorough exam. I feel very comfortable that there was nothing missed.”

– Pat via Google – January 20, 2016


“I highly recommend Frontier Eye Care!! Dr. Doug is so thorough and helpful. He really cares about the health of your eyes. He is a genuine person and cares a lot about his patients. The staff is so welcoming and helpful too. They are prompt and sociable. They are knowledgeable about lenses and frames. The opticians helped me pick out an awesome pair of prescription polarized sunglasses and helped me find a pair of glasses that look great on me. I recommend this place to everyone!! They even have refreshments and snacks while you’re waiting.”

– Anna via Google – October 21, 2015


“My eye exam from Frontier Eye Care was the best I can remember. I have been wearing glasses for over 30 years, so that’s a long time. Dr. Doug has state of the art equipment which made me feel I was getting the best exam possible. Having his staff help me pick out new frames was so much fun. They will make sure you find the best ones for you. I also like how they use the digital lenses now so I will see my best. Something I would not have known had they not taken the time to explain everything to me. I had a wonderful experience there and I would recommend this place to everyone.”

– Lynn via Google – October 2, 2015


“My girlfriend asked me to help her take her children to their eye appointments. None of us has been to Frontier Eye Care before. To be honest we picked this place because they were willing to bill the kids insurance for their exams. My girlfriend said when she called to ask if they were taking new patients the employee on the phone was very helpful, even after she found out their insurance was from the state. Never once did we feel embarrassed due to our insurance. The waiting room is comfortable with refreshments and Ipads for the kids. So waiting for your turn as a child is fun. One of her kids needed new glasses. They had a nice selection of frames for her to choose from. This was a great experience for us.”

– Tyler via Google – September 30, 2015


“Frontier Eye Care is amazing!!!! Dr. Hodgson is very nice and takes time to get to know you!!!! The ladies in there are very friendly and helpful too!!!!”

– Robyn via”Casper Business Rants & Raves” on Facebook – September 3, 2015


“I would recommend Dr. Hodgson to everyone I know. He truly cares about your eye health and seeing your best. You know this from the moment you walk in the door. His staff is quick to say hello and make you feel welcome. Throughout your entire exam, you will feel that this is not just a quick eye exam. Dr. Hodgson takes extra steps to ensure you are receiving a total eye health evaluation. He explains in detail what he is doing during your exam, which in return made me feel more calm and comfortable about my eye exam. After your exam is done he has a large variety of designer eye glasses to choose from. The staff is very knowledgeable about the frames they sell. They take the extra time to help you find what glasses are the best fit for you. I have yet to come across an eye doctor in town that offers a warranty that compare to Frontier Eye Care. Go see Dr. Hodgson in my opinion he is the best one in Wyoming.”

– Brenda via Google – September 3, 2015


“As far as eye doctors go, I go to Frontier Eye Care over by Famous Dave’s. It’s a wonderful, modern place. Dr. Hodgson is great, always answers my questions and has taken care of my eyes since I was in junior high. The staff is all great and they offer great services such as two free lens replacements in two years when you get the protected lenses and they adjust your glasses for free anytime. Every eye doctor you go to will be expensive, but I feel good spending my money there.”

– Mary via “Casper Business Rants & Raves” on Facebook – September 3, 2015


“They have all the best brands and so many styles to choose from. I had so much trouble because there were too many cute frames to pick from. They always have the most up to date styles.”

– Mary via “Casper Business Rants & Raves” on Facebook – September 3, 2015


“I agree! Frontier is awesome!”

– Charlee via “Casper Business Rants & Raves” on Facebook – September 3, 2015


“He is an amazing optometrist and very thorough! We love him!

– Jill via “Casper Business Rants & Raves” on Facebook – September 2, 2015


“They are wonderful. ****RAVE**** 

– Wendy via “Casper Business Rants & Raves” on Facebook – September 2, 2015


“He is awesome. He has saved my eye sight by recognizing problems I have early. Problems other doctors missed.

– Eldon via “Casper Business Rants & Raves” on Facebook – September 2, 2015


“Rave: Dr. Hodgson at Frontier Eye Care. This is the second time we have gone here. The first experience was awesome so we went back.

Today was another exceptional visit. My 10 year old was asking about the pictures on the screen and Dr Hodgson stopped the exam and went into a whole teaching moment. I was very impressed that he took time to explain the eye in full detail and he made sure my daughter was understanding everything he was explaining!!!!”

– Heather via “Casper Business Rants & Raves” on Facebook – September 1, 2015


“[Dr. Hodgson] is who we go to and we love him! We know him because my daughter was in Theatre with his daughters. He is great at taking time with each patient and not just rushing through things to get you in and out!

– Jamie via “Casper Business Rants & Raves” on Facebook – September 1, 2015


“He’s a great guy and a brilliant optometrist!

– Laura via “Casper Business Rants & Raves” on Facebook – September 1, 2015


“Frontier Eye. Dr. Hodgson and his staff are great!

– Becci via “Casper Business Rants & Raves” on Facebook – August 3, 2015


“I love Dr. Hodgson at Frontier Eye Care.

– Jamie via “Casper Business Rants & Raves” on Facebook – August 3, 2015


“I love frontier eye care, too!

– Toni via “Casper Business Rants & Raves” on Facebook – August 3, 2015


“Frontier Eye Care. Dr. Hodgson is very thorough. Went to him this spring and will go back again.

– Vicki via “Casper Business Rants & Raves” on Facebook – August 3, 2015


“Frontier eye care, the best hands down.

– Shanese via “Casper Business Rants & Raves” on Facebook (In response to “request for raves for an eye doctor for a 6-year-old.”) – April 7, 2015


“Frontier eye care! They are amazing!

– Amanda via “Casper Business Rants & Raves” on Facebook (In response to “request for raves for an eye doctor for a 6-year-old.”) – April 7, 2015


“Rave: Frontier Eye Care! Recently had an appt there! They were great to work with. The doctor took his time and put in a lot of effort to my prescription right and the staff was super friendly!

– Toni via “Casper Business Rants & Raves” on Facebook – February 24, 2015


“Dr. Hodgson! At Frontier Eye Care. They are great!

– Amanda via “Casper Business Rants & Raves” on Facebook – February 18, 2015


“I agree – Frontier eye care. The entire staff is awesome!

– Becci via “Casper Business Rants & Raves” on Facebook – February 8, 2015


“Rave!! Frontier Eye Care- Dr. Hodgson and his staff are nothing short of spectacular!! I appreciate them, their knowledge and kindness each time I visit. There is no other eye doctor I would bring my family to!

– Megan via “Casper Business Rants & Raves” on Facebook – February 6, 2015


“He was AMAZING with my daughter. Thanks again Megan for referring us to him

– Amanda via “Casper Business Rants & Raves” on Facebook – February 6, 2015


“Frontier eye care is amazing and so is Dr. Hodgson and all the staff. 2 thumbs way way up!

– Sandra via “Casper Business Rants & Raves” on Facebook – February 6, 2015


“Frontier Eye Care off of 2nd street out on the eastside. They are open until 7 Tuesdays. Call and schedule fast because that time books up fast.”

– Rocio via “Casper Business Rants & Raves” on Facebook (In response to request for evening appointments where KidCare CHIP is accepted.) – February 6, 2015


“Frontier eye care all the way!

– Preston via “Casper Business Rants & Raves” on Facebook – February 6, 2015


“Frontier Eye Care is awesome. I have been going to Dr. Hodgson for years.

– Heather via “Casper Business Rants & Raves” on Facebook – February 6, 2015


“And he is so amazing with children of all ages. The best eye doc in town!

– Amanda via “Casper Business Rants & Raves” on Facebook – February 6, 2015


“I love him. Been going to him 13 years I don’t trust any other eye doctor

– Darcie via “Casper Business Rants & Raves” on Facebook – February 6, 2015


“Frontier Eye Care is the best.

– Debbie via “Casper Business Rants & Raves” on Facebook – February 6, 2015


“Frontier for sure. They were so good to my daughter when I took her there – the whole staff. It’s over by Famous Dave’s

– Jordan via “Casper Business Rants & Raves” on Facebook – February 6, 2015


“I take my grandpa to Dr. Hodgson, and I can’t say enough good about him. He’s extremely thorough, and always takes the time to address my grandpa’s concerns. Very friendly and caring staff, as well.

– Travis via “Casper Business Rants & Raves” on Facebook – February 6, 2015


“Ya they rock. He’s been my eye doctor for years. They are super friendly and take good care of us the patients. I suggest you write Google reviews about them…. They rock!

– Preston via “Casper Business Rants & Raves” on Facebook – February 6, 2015


“I went to Frontier Eye Care today for the first time and had a great experience. The office and equipment is state-of-the-art. The staff was friendly and I felt that Dr. Hodgson gave me a very thorough exam. After the exam was finished, Brenda, one of the opticians helped me find some new glasses as well as some new sunglasses. She even calculated the different scenarios to determine which pair of glasses I should submit to insurance to save me more money, which I really appreciated. I definitely would recommend Frontier Eye Care to anyone who is seeking an optometrist.”

– Lindsie via Google – January 6, 2014


“Great customer service. Definitely going back. Very knowledgeable and informative.”

– Regina via Google – December 18, 2013


“Frontier Eye Care is a great place to purchase your new eye ware. They have so many frames to choose from. Their staff will help you pick the perfect frame. Dr Hodgson was super friendly and answered all my questions. It was a great visit and I would recommend everyone to visit them.”

– Scott via Google – November 21, 2013


“I have been a pt here for years & am always thrilled with level of care I receive. Dr. Hodgson is very thorough, takes the time to listen & answer any questions. The staff is great!”

– Amy via Facebook – October 3, 2013


“I was on vacation in Casper from Norway and realized I didn’t bring enough contact lenses with me. I went to this place and explained my situation and they were extremely helpful, they took me in between patients right away and gave me a prescription and some free trial lenses, they also recommended a different brand to me as the ones I was wearing was not very comfortable, the new brand was so amazing I couldn’t even feel I was wearing contacts. Helpful and nice staff. 5 stars and highly recommend.”

– Sindre via Google – September 25, 2013


“I have been a patient of Dr. Hodgson for a number of years and any time someone asks for a recommendation of where to go to for eye care I always recommend him. With a friendly staff and a nice selection of glasses, I know that by going to Dr. Hodgson’s office that I will be well taken care of.”

– Kelli via Google – September 2, 2013


“I just went in for a prescription update and a new pair of glasses. Dr. Hodgson was very friendly and professional. The exam flew by due to the fancy computerized equipment (especially enjoyed the computerized “1 or 2″ lens selector thing). The staff helped me pick out a nice pair of glasses (Oakleys). Great experience overall!”

– Adam via Google – August 12, 2013


“Dr Hodgson is the best most caring professional I have ever had privilege of being cared for by. He will answer every question and you will leave his office very satisfied and refreshed you will know things you never knew he is that professional. I think he goes out of his way to make his clients satisfied.”

– Dona via Google – August 5, 2013


“Great, thorough eye exam. Great selection of lens types and options. Huge selection of frames. 5 stars +

– David via Facebook – July 31, 2013


“Excellent service, comprehensive eye exams, in an exceptionally friendly environment. They have made a real difference in how I see the world.”

– Janet via Yelp review – June 19, 2013


“Dr. Doug Hodgson – We would like to say thank you to you and your staff for always being so kind to help us! THANK YOU for fixing our glasses in such a timely manner. Please let us know if we can return the favor.”

– Michael via a “Thank You” card – June 8, 2013


“These are the best pair of glasses I have ever had. I have never seen better. I tried progressives before and had problems, but these are great. I love this pair of glasses!”

– Tom via a “Thank You” phone call – April 20, 2013


“Frontier Eye Care – Douglas Hodgson – I have severe astigmatism and a super high prescription and he gets my contacts right every time. I won’t go anywhere else in Casper!”

– Alecia via Casper Mama’s Upcycle on Facebook – February 11, 2013(In response to “Looking for a great eye Dr that’s good with finding contacts for flat cornea and astigmatism. Have not had anyone find me a great fit for the last 7 yrs.”)


“Dr. Hodgson helped our son out finding some temporary contacts last fall. He was desperate – needing to play in a football game! We won’t ever forget your kindness and will send you business whenever possible!”

– Nathan via “Thank You” card – February 2, 2013


“Thank you for taking the time to get my prescription perfect! For the 1st time in several years, I can sew without removing my glasses. So happy! Thanks to your staff for helping me choose perfect frames, too.”

– Jinx via “Thank You” card – January, 6, 2013


“I have known Dr. Hodgson for over 10 years and in that time I have come to appreciate his open enthusiasm and dedication to providing the best eye care possible. From the time I began working for Doug I recognized there are practicing doctors who really do care about their patients. He treats all of his patients with the highest respect and patiently provides answers to all questions that they may have. Dr. Hodgson, in my mind, is someone who truly found what he loves to do and does it exceptionally. I recommend Dr. Hodgson with the highest approbation.”

– Stephanie via Google – December 28, 2012


“Dr. Hodgson takes VSP. He is great.”

– Jeananne via Casper Mama’s Upcycle on Facebook – December 6, 2012

(In response to “Looking for an eye doctor in Casper who takes VSP insurance.”)


“I agree about Frontier. Dr. Hodgson is great.”

– Kelli via Casper Mama’s Upcycle on Facebook – December 6, 2012

(In response to “Looking for an eye doctor in Casper who takes VSP insurance.”)


“Go to Frontier Eye Clinic… They are wonderful.”

– Carolyn via Facebook – December 5, 2012


“Frontier Eye Care is a fantastic place…I was very pleased! They really care about everyone and will do anything to help! The ladies at the front were very helpful and Dr. Hodgeson was very professional and helpful. He explains things so that even young children can understand. This is definitely the place to go!! Very friendly and professional and I highly recomend it to anyone no matter what age!

– Ciera via Google – December 4, 2012


“We LOVE Dr. Hodgson! He is, by far, the best optometrist in Casper!”

– Alecia via Casper Mama’s Upcycle on Facebook – December 3, 2012

(In response to “In search of a great eye doctor in Casper.”)


“My kids love Dr. Hodgson.”

– Stacy via Facebook – December 3, 2012

(In response to “In search of a great eye doctor in Casper.”)


“Dr. Hodgson, hands down!”

– Dawn via Casper Mama’s Upcycle on Facebook – December 3, 2012

(In response to “In search of a great eye doctor in Casper.”)


“Dr. Hodgson is now at a new location, Frontier Eye Care. It’s a really nice place. They even have snacks and drinks in the lobby. The staff is great and Dr. Hodgson is excellent as usual. I highly recommend!”

– Anonymous via – November 28, 2012


“Just wanted to give a shout out to a local eye doctor who has recently opened a new practice: Dr. Doug Hodgson and his staff at Frontier Eye Care are AMAZING! They are located in the new part of 2nd Street by Menards. (307) 472-2020”

– Alecia via Casper Mama’s Upcycle on Facebook – November 2, 2012


“Dear Dr. Hodgson, Ikeea, and John – Thank you so much for taking care of me with my eyes!! I love my contact lenses! You guys are the best.”

– Nikki via a ‘Thank You’ card


“I love Dr. Hodgson”

– Kimberly via Facebook – October 31, 2012


“Frontier eye care out by fire rock 🙂 just went there for my 3 year old and they had a bunch to choose from!”

– Sammi via Casper Mama’s Upcycle on Facebook – October 31, 2012

(In response to a Facebook user searching for “An eye doctor with a really good selection of glasses.”)


“Dr. Hodgson at Frontier Eye Care. I just had my eyes checked 2 weeks ago and they do a really great job.”

– Deborah via Facebook– October 22, 2012


“Dr. Hodgson at frontier eye care on 2nd”

– Jillian via Casper Mama’s Upcycle on Facebook – October 16, 2012

(In response to “Needing to see and Optometrist….I need a new exam and a laser surgery eval…any suggestions?”)


“Dr. Hodgson now has his own practice called Frontier Eyecare and it’s out in McMurry area now. He’s amazing”

– Lindsey via Facebook – September 24, 2012


“Dr. Hodgson, Frontier Eye 472-2020”

– Lacy via Casper Mama’s Upcycle on Facebook – September 11, 2012

(In response to: “Hey I am looking for a really great eye doctor in town, does anyone have any recommendations?”)


“Dr. Hodgson”

– Lee Anne via Facebook – September 11, 2012

(In response to: “Hey I am looking for a really great eye doctor in town, does anyone have any recommendations?”)


“The doctor there is very skilled. He recommended me good eye drops… A true professional.”

– William via Google – August 9, 2012


“What a nice place! It’s brand new and really nice.  The staff was friendly, the doctor was very good. He actually took the time to explain things to me, unlike most doctors.  This place even has food and drinks in the lobby. I bought a very nice pair of glasses there too since they had a decent selection of frames.  Overall I’d recommend Frontier to anyone.”

– Dan via Yelp review – July 21, 2012


“Love the individually wrapped jelly beans!!! And the great staff!”

– Jordan via Frontier Eye Care page on Facebook – June 12, 2012


“This place is wonderful! Dr. Hodgson is so friendly and really knows his stuff. This was the the best eye exam I have ever had! I was worried about macular degeneration, because my mother has it, but he explained it better than the other doctors, and now I understand it. I am so thrilled I don’t have it! The ladies at the front desk were so nice and took care of all the insurance. The staff also were very knowledgeable and helped me with the glasses too, and I have never seen better! I am VERY happy! Definitely recommended!” 

– Amanda via Google – April 12, 2012


“Very thorough, professional, and pleasant. My daughters love him. He’s very good with kids.”

– Anonymous via – May 30, 2012


“LOVE Dr. Hodgson and the staff!”

– Lindsey via Facebook – May 5, 2012


“Hodgson he’s awesome, he’s up in McMurrayville … much better quality! I really like him. And the staff is awesome! Had so much fun with these girls!”

– Dawn via Casper Mama’s Upcycle on Facebook – May 5, 2012


“My kiddo [likes them] too, she is getting ready to graduate and leave …was hoping to get her in before she has to leave.”

– Dawn via Casper Mama’s Upcycle on Facebook – May 5, 2012


“This doctor is awesome! He’s really nice, explains things, and got my glasses perfect. The staff people were friendly, too. And Doctor Hodgson is great with kids. My daughter is shy, but she opened up and had fun. Definitely recommended.”

– Anonymous on – May 2, 2012


“Dr. Hodgson is great with my kiddos! Check out his new place on 2nd street in Casper!”

– Carrie via Facebook – February 2, 2012


“We love Dr. Hodgson! He is great!”

– Linda via Facebook  – February 2, 2012


“I am telling all my friends about how thorough your eye exam is. I’ll be back next year. Thanks so much for everything!”

– Sue via a “Thank You” card – January 21, 2012