As the optometrist and owner of Frontier Eye Care, I am proud to be able to offer you and your family the best in eye care.  My goal is to improve your quality of life by optimizing your vision.  Put simply, I want to make sure you enjoy your life and the world around you by helping you see your absolute best.  And I want to make sure your vision is the best for years to come.  That’s why we’ve invested in the latest vision and eye care technology.  (We’ve also taken care to select the most up-to-date styles in eyewear, to make sure you look your best, too!)


I’ve also asked my friends and colleagues to help me.  The knowledgeable staff at Frontier Eye Care is second-to-none.  They’re friendly, helpful, and experienced.  If there is ever anything we can do to make your visit to Frontier Eye Care even more enjoyable, please let us know!


We have decided to call the practice “Frontier Eye Care” because it is a new frontier for me, my staff, and my patients.  A frontier is something new and exciting.  It’s a new way of doing things with a promise for a better life.  And that’s our mission at Frontier Eye Care – better quality of life through better vision, health, and style!


I am excited and proud of the new practice.  Thanks for your interest in Frontier Eye Care.  We look forward to seeing you!

Dr. Douglas Hodgson, OD, MS


If you have any questions or need to make an appointment, give our friendly staff a call today at 307-472-2020.