At Frontier Eye Care, our primary concern is your eye health, and we recommend taking out your contact lenses before going to sleep.  This is least likely to cause problems.

We realize, however, that some patients lead an active lifestyle that makes sleeping in contact lenses very convenient.  You may want (or need) to wake up with clear vision.  Fortunately, a new generation of contact lenses – silicone hydrogel lenses – provide much more oxygen to the eye than conventional soft lenses.  Not only do these materials make overnight wear safer than before, they deliver so much oxygen to the cornea that some brands of silicone hydrogel lenses are approved by the FDA for 30 days of continuous wear.

Many of our patients have adopted “flexible wear.”  This means using extended wear contact lenses but still removing them each night before sleep.  However, if you want to wear the lenses while sleeping – during a weekend camping trip, for example – you can do so safely.

Ask Dr. Alden about continuous wear contact lenses at your appointment.  Call Frontier Eye Care at (307) 472-2020.